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Dear Fans, Music/Film Enthusiasts & Global Changemakers,

We are a team of dedicated young women creating our first ever environmentally conscious Global Short Content and Music Festival Initiative, specifically designed for the world’s YOUTH, with the primary goal of raising awareness about culturally relevant and pressing social causes to combat social injustice. By combining two of the most universal and powerful forms of art that we have today, short film and music content, we are looking to invite you to participate in a truly unforgettable experience. This unique global event is aimed at bringing together voices of youth, from all over the globe, to promote  a shared vision of shaping our world and futures for the better. 

Each year, one festival theme song will be chosen for its powerful and socially impactful message, and the artist(s) will serve as the festival’s honoree(s). The theme song must address important social issues ranging anywhere from gun violence, climate change, LGBTQ+ issues, women's rights, human rights to mental illness, and more. This year’s theme song and artist honoree have already been selected, so stay tuned for more updates! Starting next year, YOU will get the chance to help us vote on which song will be chosen. In addition to the theme song, we will aim for global films and documentaries from different countries, with a 50/50 gender director ratio, addressing similar social topics as the theme song. 

YouthMundus’ 2019 edition will take place over the course of four days and will include a diverse lineup of artists alongside various activities such as: visual, digital and expressive art installations; performances and exhibitions; organic, green and eco-friendly activities; good cause activities; interactive, multimedia, and immersive high-tech and VR activities; awareness raising panel discussions, workshops and fan meetings, including autograph signings and photo booth areas.

We are targeting to host our first festival edition from November 14th to November 17th, 2019 at the GUIDO RENI, just opposite of MAXXI Museum of Modern Art in Rome, Italy. We have also officially partnered with one of the largest video festivals in Italy, Videocitta. We have created a special "Wishing Well" on our website where YOU get to request wishes on which other artists, bands, partners and activities you would like to see included at YouthMundus who inspire you and specify the reasons why. 

In order for us to execute our mission and vision, our team is kindly seeking YOUR support. All our proceeds from this fundraising campaign will be applied towards our partner organizations. We are pleased to currently be partnered with over 20 different non-profit organizations, in several countries, that are doing incredibly inspiring work and striving to make  positive change happen every single day.  By contributing, you will also immediately become part of a very special and revolutionary movement. Remember that YOU need to be the change you want to see in the world, starting NOW

For more information on the festival and all our partners, including bios on the team behind YOUTHMUNDUS, please visit our website and social media accounts (links provided below).

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Rome this November!

❤Team YouthMundus

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